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Running a business means keeping a close eye on your budget. MQN offers a world class Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service to 

provide clients with substantial savings on communication costs. We consider the quality of our calls to be non-negotiable

and aim to provide the best possible service at all times. The use of multiple redundant links and interconnects, ensure we

always have connectivity and your call will reach its destination.

“Quality   service“

Advantages of MQN VoIP

No need to change your number

086 number without the extra costs involved

Save up to 40% on telecommunication costs

Fax over IP

Calls can be diverted to any number in the event of load shedding

MQN infinity VOICE packages

Unlimited calls at a fixed monthly rate Benefits Unlimited all-day calls on your MQN unlimited service, including peak times Competitive call rates to mobile and land line numbers throughout the country, including peak times Reduced and controlled telecommunication spend Packages
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