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Virtual / Cloud PABX You can add and remove services (like extra extensions or voicemail for example) as your business needs change so you only pay for what you use and can be agile enough to take advantage of new business opportunities faster than your competition. Once on our network you will immediately benefit from our competitive call rates which alone can make a big saving on your telephone bill. All inbound and outbound calls are routing intelligently and securely in the most cost effective fashion. You can keep your existing number (we can port it to our network) or have a new geographic number (010, 021, 031 etc) allocated if you wish. Hosted Voice makes advanced business technology available to all business sizes, Corporate, SME or SOHO. Mobile PABX Mobile PBX is designed to provide Corporate and SMEs with business grade telephony features, on a true Fixed Mobile Converged solution. Mobile is always the back up solution when office telecoms fail, why not use this as the primary solution. The mobile PBX uses the GSM network and is not depended on the data networks. Hosted voice recording MQN in partnership with CallCabinet offer a cutting edge hosted call recording service. This secure voice logging and call recording solution is South Africa’s 1st cloud based, compliant product. Whether you need to record calls for staff training, dispute resolution, compliance or security reasons, our logger will allow unlimited storage of your calls and other sensitive data without the need for any costly additional hardware.
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