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Virtual PABX
To run an effective business today we know that, as a minimum, you need reliable communications with your customers. In the past the options were limited to buying or renting a PABX (voice switch) that delivered many features (most of which you don’t use!) or keeping it simple with a single line or cell phone and operating by answerphone. Thankfully, in this day and age, you have a few more options. Hosted Voice from MQN gives you a quality communications service, with PABX features if you want them, without the need for your own switch, which operates on a pay-as-you-use basis. If you have ever had the headache of being locked into a contract for equipment you don’t really want, or having to consider upgrades and maintenance costs that add no real value to your business then you will love Hosted Voice. (And if you’ve not had that headache then good news; you can avoid it!) Hosted Voice is a Cloud service, meaning that the technology is in our network, all you need to do it connect to MQN and you can immediately start taking advantage of improved call rates, centralised communications services and better cost management by using the detailed call reports we provide. You can add and remove services (like extra extensions or voicemail for example) as your business needs change so you only pay for what you use and can be agile enough to take advantage of new business opportunities faster than your competition. Once on our network you will immediately benefit from our competitive call rates which alone can make a big saving on your telephone bill. All inbound and outbound calls are routing intelligently and securely in the most cost effective fashion. You can keep your existing number (we can port it to our network) or have a new geographic number (010, 021, 031 etc) allocated if you wish. Hosted Voice makes advanced business technology available to all business sizes, Corporate, SME or SOHO.  Flexibility and Scalability Users’ extensions can be modified as required and you can grow or shrink your service as needed, keeping costs in line with the performance of your business. Moving premises is also simplified as there is no PABX equipment to move. Feature List CLI Propagation ( ability to show numbers) DDI Hunt groups Simple announcement ( setup an announcement for various scenarios) Queuing IVR/AA ( auto attendant) Call Forwarding Voicemail
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